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December 09, 2017 OESJ Hig School   |  St. Johnsville, NY Attendence: 345
MATCH 1 | ”Mr. Must See” Tyler Vincent  def.  Jaxon Stone MATCH 2 | Tyrek, Rick Rekon, Sgt. Fury  def.  Ataxia Tyrek earned 5-minutes alone with Ataxia’s Bishop MATCH 3 | Tag Championship; The Conspiracy Horsemen  def.  Pretty & Gritty Assad King was unable to make the event, so Gree God Papadon filled in. Bin Hamon and Greek God Papadon would injur the shoulder of Bull Hightower early leaving Travis Dorian to take the brunt of the attack. Sgt. Fury would come out later to aid Dorian, however he ultimately would take the pin. MATCH 4| Big Jym Anderson & Slyck Wagner Brown ended in a no contest Big Jym blew out his knee on a Dragon screw by Brown ECW’s First Eever Heavyweight Champion “The Franchise” Shane Douglas made his way tot he ring un-expectidly and cut a promo putting over The Dynasty. MATCH 5 | Diamonds Division: Xtina Marie def. Stella Gray & Alisinn Jade MATCH 6 | Dynasty Championship;  Zack Clayton def. Cyris Devile Clayton put his feet on the ropes for the win. Following the bell, Mr. Mann came out and said Clayton wasn’t getting over that easy and he had someone Clayton had never defeteated - “The Man of Steel” Mike Verna MATCH 7 | Dynasty Championship: Mike Verna def. Zack Clayton via DQ Verna had Clayton locked in a Texas Cloverleaf (submission) when Greek God Papadon and Bin Hamin would charge the ring with Xtina Marie putting the boots to Verna. Following the match, Jake “The Snake” Roberts would charge the ring and toss in a snake, clearing the ring of everyone but Clayton. A hobbled Clayton would get to his feet only to tae the devestating DDT from Roberts.